Hey, I'm Josh Brown. (obviously) I am a Telecommunications graduate from Indiana University and I pretty much live and breathe film and television. My letterboxd: letterboxd.com/joshuatbrown/ Books, graphic novels, stories, more stories, love it. Avid A.V. Club reader. Craft beer appreciator. Also, I am married to capapollo.tumblr.com, the moon of my life.

Don't post often. But I post what I like.



England: colour
America: color
England: humour
America: humor
England: flavour
America: flavor
England: what are you doing
America: getting rid of u lmao

rowena: i'm looking over the plans

godric: yeah

rowena: what's this weird series of rooms accessible only by a hatch in a room on the right hand side of the third floor corridor

godric: oh that's for if we ever need to hide a priceless artifact for some reason

rowena: why would we hide a priceless artifact in a school

godric: safest place

rowena: fucking is it though?? there's a giant snake somewhere

[in the distance]

salazar: there's no snake you are wrong stop being wrong


When you realize that someone is only being nice to you because they want something


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